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Are You Thinking About A Career In Nursing?

A career in nursing is a career with all sorts of possibilities but before you can have that career, you will first need nurse training and that is why we are here.  In nurse training, there are many issues to consider from the training it self, the necessary prerequisites to the training, state licensing exams after and after you are licensed, there is continuing education to consider.  There are also so many opportunities for nurses today as the healthcare segment expands to accommodate the aging population.

The objective of this site is to provide a resource to those considering a career in nursing and those considering other allied health careers as well.  We are constantly adding new articles, listings of resources, scholarships and training work resources for the major cities in America.  For many reasons which include demographics, each city in America has unique career and training opportunities. One thing is almost universal and that is that nursing is a career  with no shortage of job opportunities and job mobility.

By job mobility, we mean that it will always be easy to move to a new area and find a job in nursing.  There are opportunities for people who have trained outside the US to become licensed here and get a short or long term work visa.  24 states belong to something called the Nurse Licensure Compact (“NLC”) which allows nurses licensed in one of the 24 states to work in the other 24 states very easily, but in general, it is easy to move a license from one state to another.  Regarding job opportunities, we have created a summary of job opportunities for each location at the right.  Just click on the location nearest to you to find resources on training and jobs for that location (this is still under construction).

Look around the site.  There is a wealth of information to be found here and we wish you well on your rewarding career!

There are sections of the site that have interesting articles on nursing, nursing careers and educational choices.  We are also in the process of building out pages for individual cities that will discuss the professional and educational opportunities in those particular cities.  It is one thing to hear that there is a nationwide shortage of nurses and it is another things to find out that the city you live in is something of an exception!  Government reports are about averages!  The situation is not the same in every city and state.